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water blasting

RIP 4000 Rotary Nozzle

Low cost, high production, rotary abrasive injected water blasting nozzle that offers production speeds surpassing conventional dry and wet blasting performance.

Features and uses for water blasting

  • profiles steel
  • dustless
  • 360 degree rotation for broader and faster cleaning
  • reduces abrasive consumption up to 75%
  • removes mil scale & tank lining


MaxxClean Induction System

Increase production with abrasive-injected water blasting for systems using 3K and 20K PSI.

Used for removal of:

  • oil and scum buildup
  • hard water deposits
  • rust and mil scale
  • mold and mildew
  • multiple layers of graffiti
  • paint from all surfaces
  • contaminants from natural stone
  • stains from concrete and bricks

Unit has a heavy-duty welded steel frame, polyurethane pot and 15 degree fan nozzle constructed of stainless steel and aluminum. Unit holds 150 lbs of soluble abrasives or 225 lbs of hard abrasives.

half pool system

Pool System

Click link below for more information and the breakdown of parts for the Half Pool System.


Water Blasting Products

Other Water Blasting Products

  • MaxxClean Induction Head
  • Portable Cutting Head
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