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Boat Paint Removal from Boat Bottom

Boat Bottom Paint Removal with Kieserite

Kieserite blasting safely and quickly removes paint from boat bottoms. Blasting with kieserite will remove anti-fouling paint and marine growth without damaging the boat's gel coat – a common problem with the more traditional boat paint removal methods such as sandblasting, scraping and use of chemicals. Also, kieserite has many advantages over standard soda blast media (see below for examples).

Boat Bottom Paint Removal Product

- MaxxStrip


Advantages of MaxxStrip:

  • Profile – MaxxStrip has a stronger profile than soda blast. Soda is soft and will not leave a strong profile required by the paint manufactures for the bottom paint to stick properly. Without a strong profile, paint will fall off.
  • Dust – One of the larger obstacles to overcome when blasting in a boat yard is dust. MaxxStrip is much less dusty than soda, therefore reducing the risk of dusting other boats in the yard near by and providing a safer environment for the worker inside the blasting tent.
  • Safe – MaxxStrip is 100% silica-free unlike sand and PH neutral unlike soda which every job must have someone come back and neutralize before painting can occur.
  • Cost effective – MaxxStrip is less expensive than soda.
  • Speed – MaxxStrip gives you twice the production of soda.
  • MaxxStrip is safe for wooden boats.

Paint Removal From Bottom of Boat - Low Dust with MaxxStrip

boat paint removal from bottom of boat

Removal of Paint from Wood Hull of Boat

paint removal from boat before paint removal from boat after paint removal from boat after



After - Close-up

Photos provided by Messick Construction

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